About Me

I am Janet Trost, a simple jewelry designer. In my heart and soul, I love design and art. My client says to me- I am creative in an earring design.

My passion has been art since my childhood. I am just expressing the feeling of people in the jewelry that empowers their minds and soul. I believe my patience inspires me to have spent a lot of time with earring jewelry and exploring the unique design concerning fashionable with the luxurious metal.

While designing the jewelry I keep in my mind that simplicity is the best way to express fashion. I live as an artist. I have had this desire for art since my teens. After ages, I connect it to the metal and intensely do it.

My family, friends, and clients endorsed me as a creative earring jewelry designer and a passionate traveler. Traveling energized me to create variations in jewelry fashion with diverse ethnicities. If anyone told me which job you can do for the whole day.

I would say designing earring jewelry. Because I enjoy designing earring jewelry with exclusive shapes. So here I play with a creative mind with simple natural material for earrings.

I am eagerly waiting to listen to my readers. I always try to provide the best information for jewelry queries, uniqueness around shapes, information on materials, skin-supported metal, and so on. Please feel free to let me know of any queries, comments, and suggestions.

Janet Trost
Founder, EarringsPick.com